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Health Promotion Curriculum

The Pediatrics in Practice Health Promotion Curriculum for Child Health Professionals draws on the principles of Bright Futures to provide innovative techniques for enhancing the office visit.

The curriculum is based on six core concepts plus a Health chapter to help practitioners convey health-promoting messages in a time efficient way.


Pediatrics in Practice Health Promotion Curriculum

A book, including the full curriculum with videos on a DVD, is available for purchase.


Implementation: A comprehensive facilitators guide supports the curriculum.

  • Foundation Sessions: The first part of each core concept is the Foundation Session and is the minimum that should be completed to achieve competency. Online versions including handouts and tips on how to teach each core concept may be accessed here:

    • Health: Introducing Pediatrics in Practice and Bright Futures
    • Partnership: Building effective partnerships
    • Communication: Fostering family-centered communication
    • Health Promotion: Promoting health and preventing illness
    • Time Management: Managing time for health promotion
    • Education: Educating families through teachable moments
    • Advocacy: Advocating for children, families, and communities

  • Enrichment Sessions: Additional sessions in each core concept are available for topic enrichment. They are found in the book and the PDF Library.

  • Teaching Strategies: This guide provides an overview of six learner-centered teaching strategies used to teach the curriculum. Learn to use these strategies in the accredited online modules found in the Teaching Center.

  • PDF Library: Guides to using both the Foundation and Enrichment Sessions, including all handouts, can be downloaded at no charge from the PDF Library.

  • Book and DVD: A book titled Pediatrics in Practice: A Health Promotion Curriculum for Child Health Professionals, with the Foundation and Enrichment Sessions, all handouts and the videos referred to in the curriculum are available for purchase.