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Health Promotion Curriculum: Health


"" Introducing Pediatrics in Practice and Bright Futures


This module presents teaching tools that can be used to help learners broaden their understanding of health beyond the mere absence of illness or infirmity and to introduce six core concepts based on Bright Futures content and philosophy: Partnership, Communication, Health Promotion/Illness Prevention, Time Management, Education, and Advocacy.

The Health module consists of two 30-minute sessions. Each of the sessions can be used alone or combined into one extended session. You may download the complete Health module or access session 1 online.


Foundation session

Session 1: Health and the Bright Futures Concept


Requires video:

Bright Futures: Health Supervision for Infants, Children, and Adolescents

To preview this video and for information on where to obtain it, click here.

Download handouts for Session 1:


Handout: Bright Futures Children’s Health Charter

Handout: Session Evaluation Form

Facilitator Form: Facilitator Self-Assessment Form

Enrichment session

Session 2: Just Another Healthy Child?

Download handouts for Session 2:


Handout: Case Vignette: Janice’s 10 Year Visit

Handout: Bright Futures Interview Questions for 10 Year Visit

Handout: Case Growth Chart

Handout: Session Evaluation Form

Facilitator Form: Facilitator Self-Assessment Form