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Handout: Session Evaluation Form
Facilitator Form: Facilitator Self-Assessment Form


Complete module

Handout: Advocacy: Advocating for Children, Families, and Communities

Handout: Defining Advocacy and Other Related Terms

Handout: Stepwise: The Four-Step Approach to Advocacy

Handout: Case Vignette: Taylor’s Learning Problems

Handout: Learner Self-Assessment Form

Handout: Case Vignette: John’s Emergency Department Visit

> Advocacy

> Communication

> Education

> Facilitator's Guide

> Health

> Health Promotion

> Partnership

> Time Management



Complete module

Handout: Communication: Fostering Family-Centered Communication

Handout: Self-Assessment of Communication Skills

Handout: Preceptor Structured Observation Form

Handout: Patient and Family Survey Form

Handout: Module Evaluation Form



Complete module

Handout: Education: Educating Families Through Teachable Moments

Handout: Case Vignette: The Thermometer

Handout: Alternate Case Vignette: The Inhaler

Handout: Chart of Teaching Strategies

Handout: Preceptor Structured Observation Form

Handout: Patient and Family Survey Form

Handout: Case Vignette: The Polio Shot

Overhead: Questioning Exercise

Handout: Questioning and Nonquestioning Techniques



Complete module



Complete module

Handout: Bright Futures Children’s Health Charter

Handout: Case Vignette: Janice’s 10 Year Visit

Handout: Bright Futures Interview Questions for 10 Year Visit

Handout: Case Growth Chart



Complete module

Handout: Health Promotion: Promoting Health and Preventing Illness

Handout: Case Vignette: Manuel's Anemia Referral

Handout: Age-Specific Interview and Follow-up Questions

Handout: Case Vignette: : Antoine's 2 Week Visit

Handout: Reflective Exercise

Handout: Alternate Case Vignettes

Optional Handout: Preceptor Structured Evaluation Form

Optional Handout: Learner Self-Assessment Form

Optional Handout: Family Survey Evaluation Form



Complete module

Handout: Partnership: Building Effective Partnerships

Handout: Case Vignette: The Montes Family

Case Discussion: Applying the Six Steps of Partnership

Handout: On Listening



Complete module

Handout: Time Management: Managing Time for Health Promotion

Handout: Initial Self-Assessment of Time Management

Handout: Case Vignette: Jacob’s 4 Month Visit, Part 1

Handout: Bright Futures 4 Month Visit: Questions for the Parent(s)

Handout: Case Vignette: Jacob’s 4 Month Visit, Part 2

Handout: Follow-Up Self-Assessment of Time Management

Handout: Bright Futures Encounter Forms for Families: 4 Month Visit

Handout: American Academy of Pediatrics Well Child/4 Months Visit Documentation Form