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Health Promotion Curriculum
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Integrate proven health promotion activities into your practice and community setting by using these web-based programs addressing specific health related topics.

The Practice Center also provides an opportunity to see how Bright Futures and health promotion are implemented by your peers.


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Pediatrics in Practice: A Health Promotion Curriculum for Child Health Professionals is a print and online health promotion curriculum based on the principles of Bright Futures. This curriculum provides innovative techniques and solutions for enhancing the office visit.

Tobacco Counseling for Young Girls is comprised of 3 modules to support professional competency in conveying smoking prevention messages to early adolescent females (8 - 11 years old) and their families.  A companion patient education website is also available.

Feeding Your Baby is a series of online interactive modules designed to foster knowledge about infant nutrition with a goal of increasing breastfeeding rates in infants from birth through 6 months of age.

The Bright Futures Oral Health (BFOH) Curriculum: The BFOH curriculum is designed to support MCH professionals in conveying oral health promoting messages to children and families during the office visit. The curriculum is comprised of 7 interactive, online modules, as well as video, case exercises, reflective questions and resources.

Content adapted from Bright Futures in Practice: Oral Health Guide, Pediatrics in Practice: A Health Promotion Curriculum for Child Health Professionals, and the Health Professionals' Guide on Pediatric Oral Health Management provide the basis for this curriculum.

Models of Bright Futures Practice: Learn how other child health professionals practice Bright Futures and health promotion.

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