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Pediatrics in Practice offers online courses and in-person training in health promotion. View our offerings below.

learning center Enrich your knowledge and skills in Bright Futures and health promotion.

Time Management
Health Promotion
Cultural Competency

Teaching Center
Enhance your skills through interactive faculty development.
Teaching Tips
Buzz Group
Case Discussion
Reflective Exercise
Role Play

Practice Center Integrate health promotion into your practice and community.
Health Promotion Curriculum
Tobacco Counseling for Young Girls
Feeding Your Baby
Bright Futures Oral Health Curriculum
Models of Best Practice (videos)

To Bright Futures video

Top Border Teaching Center
“Pediatrics in Practice makes health promotion possible for today’s health professionals, whether you are a practitioner, educator or student!”
~ C. Everett Koop, MD
Former U.S. Surgeon General
Bottom Border Teaching Center
Top Border Teaching Center
Welcome: Visitors will now notice that it is easier to navigate to the many resources on our website. Enjoy your experience.
~ Hank Bernstein, DO
Bottom Border Teaching Center