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About This Site: Rationale

Dramatic changes in today’s health care environment and our nation’s communities
Child health professionals must create educational and training solutions aligned with the needs of children, families, and the health care delivery system. The Pediatrics in Practice website offers tools to integrate health promotion activities into these professionals’ clinical practices as they adapt and respond to the continuing changes in the health care environment.

Need for diverse methods of faculty development
The effective education and training of child health professionals begins with a variety of meaningful faculty development strategies. This website complements and enhances existing faculty development methods, helping child health educators obtain the principles and values needed for effective teaching.

Teaching core competencies to future child health professionals
The Pediatrics in Practice Health Promotion Curriculum will facilitate achievement of several core competencies necessary for clinical practice. Examples include patient care, interpersonal and communication skills, and professionalism. Refer to the competency requirements established by your professional association as you integrate the resources on this site towards achieving these competencies.


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