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Resources: Pediatrics in Practice offers resources to support your health promotion efforts.

Pediatrics in Practice Health Promotion Curriculum
1. Health Promotion Curriculum:
Drawing upon the principles of Bright Futures, the Pediatrics in Practice Health Promotion Curriculum provides innovative techniques and solutions for enhancing the office visit. The full curricullum, including videos on a DVD, is available for purchase.

Available from: Amazon.com or Springer Publishing


To Bright Futures video2. Bright Futures video (DVD): The Bright Futures video is part of the Health Promotion Curriculum. The DVD is included with the purchase of the curriculum book described above.

Available from: Amazon.com or Springer Publishing


Pocket guide3. Bright Futures Pocket Guide: Guidelines for health Supervision of Infants Children and Adolescents. A spiral bound, pocket-sized resource.

Available from: Amazon.com


Ecard from No Smoking Room: A website for young girls
4. NoSmokingRoom.org Door Hangers
: You can make a statement about your position on smoking by ordering a door hanger for your office or to give to your patients.

To order your free doorhanger, send your name, address, phone number, email address, and number of copies (Maximum 20) to: info@pediatricsinpractice.org


5. Other Bright Futures materials available from: