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About This Site: Technical Questions

Do I need any special plug-ins to use this site or the interactive e-learning modules?
Yes, The video and audio on this site takes advantage of the features of Flash from Macromedia. You will need this application installed on your computer to access these files. You will also need speakers for audio component

Test your connection now. To do this play the video.


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Results of test:

  • If the video played and you can hear it, your system is configured correctly.
  • If you see the video, but can not hear it, you have the correct software, but your speakers are probably off. Check to see if the audio is turned off on your computer or if your speakers are off.
  • If you do not see a video screen or if the video won't play, install the free Flash Player now.

The interactive e-learning modules don’t seem to work. What’s wrong?
The interactive lessons on Pediatrics in Practice require the use of pop-ups. If you have pop-ups blocked on your computer, please enable them for this website.

I am having difficulty reading this website because the font is too small - how can I make it bigger?
On most browsers, you can make the text bigger by going to the “View” menu and selecting a larger text size under the “Text size” menu. If this does not work, check the “Help” menu for your particular browser. More information about ways to customize your computer settings are found under Accessibility Help.

Troubleshooting: If you have any technical difficulties, please send an email to Put "Pediatrics in Practice" in the subject line and explain the problem in the body of the email. Most emails are answered within 24 hours.